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Mosaic Tile Grout White 1kg


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High-performance grout that you can use to create lots of patterns and mosaic motifs.

You don't have to be a big handyman to get started with grout, quite the opposite. You can easily apply the grout yourself, with either a scraper with a straight edge or your gloved fingers. Spread the compound over the mosaics, tiles or similar that you have previously glued onto a surface. Make sure that it gets well into the cracks between the mosaics so that they are well filled. Then wipe off with a wet sponge Please note: The Mosaic Tile Grout may shrink slightly while drying, so repeat the process if you think the joints are too deep.

You can make beautiful patterns and motifs on almost anything, as long as you have materials such as resin, cardboard, sequins, wood, stone or glass:.

Decorate small boxes
Decorate a tray
Decorate tealight holders
Decorate flowerpots