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Speedball Intermediate Screen Printing Kit

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Intermediate Screen Printing Kit
The Speedball Intermediate Kit is ideal for artists ready to tackle both the Drawing Fluid/Screen Filler and the Photo Emulsion methods of screen printing.

1 Speedball Wooden Screen Frame 10 x 14 inch
1 Red Baron Squeegee
2 x 4oz. Jars of Speedball Fabric Screen Printing Ink (Black and Red)
1 x 4oz. Bottle of Drawing Fluid
1 x 4oz. Bottle of Screen Filler
1 x 3.3oz. Bottle of Speedball Diazo Photo Emulsion
1 x Bottle of Speedball Sensitizer
1 x 4oz. Bottle of Speedball Photo Emulsion Remover
1 x 4oz. Bottle of Speedball Speed Clean
1 X Round Brush
2 x Craft Sticks
1 x Instruction Guide
NOTE - Sensitizer bottle will feel and may appear to be empty. The bottle contains a very small amount of sensitizer that can appear like thick oil or paste.