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Molding Paste 946ml

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GOLDEN Molding Paste is a thick gel mixed with a finely ground marble dust. The marble imparts a hardness to the dry surface and quite a bit of weight. When mixed with color, it will create a tint. Molding Paste dries white and is opaque.

In the example GOLDEN Molding Paste has been applied with a palette knife, spread over the surface leaving the texture of the knife. Mixing the Molding Paste with GOLDEN Iridescent Stainless Steel paint produces the lightly speckled gray surface. GOLDEN Fluids were thinned with water and applied in a thin watercolor like fashion to the dry surface. Because the Molding Paste is a fairly slick surface (not porous) the paint sits up on the surface, puddling (note the sky) and creating a look quite different from painting on a more absorbent surface like watercolor paper.